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Risk Factors Of Heart Diseases

Risk factor of heart diseases
Recent advanced medicine ensures that children born with a heart defect live healthy and normal lives. Congenital heart disease is a common type of birth defect, that will affect the normal working of heart functions. The exact causes which lead to congenital heart disease are currently not known. 
Some known risk factors are shown below
  • Down’s syndrome : It is  a type of genetic disorder that will affect the normal physical development of a baby.
  • During the pregnancy stage the mother having certain infections such as rubella
  • Mother having Type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes
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Classification of heart disease
Generally two main types of heart diseases
  • One is the baby turn blue
  • The other ones in which the baby does not turn blue
Blue Baby
During this conditions the baby required surgical treatments or non surgical treatments like balloon angioplasty or device closure.    
Hole in the Heart
Most common defect in the heart is "Hole In The Heart", ventricular or atrial defect.  As a result inadequate circulation of oxygenated blood  (a cause of blue baby syndrome).  It is an abnormalities in the heart  
Early diagnosis of heart problems in children
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