Sunday, 16 November 2014

Child Heart Causes, Symptoms & Effective Treatments in New Delhi

Heart Disease can attack in any age. Children can affect many heart problems. So we should take care about our children from inside the womb until the development of growth. There are 2 types of heart diseases. They are coronary heart disease & congenitalheart disease. Congenital heart disease affect the children when they are in mother's womb. So this problem should be taken seriously.

When the child is inside the uterus, because of the availability of placenta (serves oxygen & carbon dioxide) there have no chance of occurring heart problems. Problem generates when the child is born. 1St sign is the audible noise of breath, presence of abnormal (usually fast) heartbeat, short breathing, skin turn blue etc.

Infection & hereditary problems are the cause of heart disease. Hereditary heart disease can not be avoided but heart disease by infections are avoidable. Infections are caused by alcohol, rubella, toxic substances & some drugs.

If your baby have cardiac / heart abnormalities don't worry about that. Here have an effective treatment solution with out any surgery. It is called cardiac interventions. Patent Ductus Anterious (PDA) is the most common non cardiac surgery. It is performed by Dr.Vikas Kohli MD (Pediatric Interventional Cardiologist) using Ampatzer Duct Occulude (ADO) with 100% success rate. In addition to ADO Dr. Vikas Kohli done by Balloon Atrial Septostomy (BAS). Cost of all the child heart treatment provided by Dr. Vikas Kohli are very affordable

You should remember that you are a very responsible parent to your children. So you should take care of them. Give better treatment options & help them to grow with best health. Identify your loved ones heart problems as early as possible & take necessary steps to care them.
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