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Fetal – Echocardiogram

Among 100 children,1 child must be having a defective heart which is the most abnormal state of a child born with heart defect. Fetal Echocardiogram test help to view the unborn child’s heart which is similar to ultrasound. This test is done when the baby is in womb and the test is done usually the second trimester (18-24 weeks) of pregnancy. The procedure is similar to that of a ultrasound.

The computer receives and clear picture of baby’s heart when the person performing the test places and clear, water based gel on stomach and moves a hand held probe over the area. This probes sends out sound waves which bounces off the baby’s heart and creates a picture.This test gives more clear image of the baby’s heart than an ultrasound result. It gives a complete picture to the doctor showing the heart rhythm, blood flow through the heart and the structure.
child heart health test

Fetal – Echocardiogram tests help to identify the congenital heart diseases, before the birth of a baby.To get more suggestion from our pediatrician. Visit :
Fetal – Echocardiogram :

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