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Child Heart Treatment Delhi

                               Pediatric Interventional Cardiology

It is true that the treatment of structural heart defects has been changed by the induction of less invasive procedures. Open heart surgery would be the first option many think when heard of a structural heart defect. It was true that surgery was the only treatment option in the previous periods. As the medical field has witnessed a revolution, some defects of the children with heart diseses can be corrected using intterventional procedures.

Understanding the procedures of interventional procedures could be useful for you to discuss treatment methods with your interventional pediatric cardiologist.

The branch of cardiology that deals with treatment based on catheter (thin tube) is called Interventional Cardiology. This is performed by placing a thin tube into the heart or arteries that feed the heart itself. This method is used to diagnose and treat congenital heart defects. Once the catheter is in the desired position on the affected part, it can be used to take diagnostic pictures of heart and blood vessels.

Like conventional procedures interventional methods also follow a common practice like giving anaesthesia. This procedure commonly start with percutaneous femoral approach. Angiograms and haemodymic measurements will depict the lesion severity.
By using the endoscopic cameras and other specially designed instruments, several structural defects of the heart can be treated with small incisions in the chest. The outcome of this less traumatic technique in cardialogy is less pain, fast recovery, less scar and increased cosmetic result for the patient.

Following structural defects can be treated using pediatric Interventional cardiology.

Vascular Ring.
Diaphragm Plication.
Collateral Vessel Ligation.

Why child heart treatment delhi for Interventional pediatric Cardiology?

Dr Vikas Kohli is an eminent pediatric interventional cardiologist in Delhi.

He has performed several unique interventional procedures including flow restrictor implantation in Pulmonary Artery for the first time in India; Performed a balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty on a 1.7 Kg child; and balloon valvuloplasty on a child less than one day old.

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