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Effective Treatment for Transposition of Great Arteries in Delhi

Transposition of Great Arteries

Transposition of Great Arteries is a heart problem where the great arteries may have a change in their positions. This problem is an in-birth condition. The great arteries refers to the major blood vessels aorta and pulmonary artery. In Transposition these vessel may originate from wrong ventricles.

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Related Problems 

There are other related problems that occurs due to this disorder, they are

  • More than 25 percent of children with transposition will have Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) which is a serious heart disorder.
  • In newborn babies, because of transposition the blood flow from left ventricle to the lung may block.
  • Chance for the pure and impure blood mixing, so that the organs in the body may suffer because of not getting sufficient oxygen for proper working.

Causes of Transposition

Transposition is a condition that is effected during birth itself. So there are some condition of the mother that leads to this. They includes

  • Over age of the mother – aged more than 40.
  • Alcoholism prevaild in mother.
  • Diabetic condition of the mother.
  • Mal-nutrition or insufficiency of nutrition during pregnancy.
  • Viral diseases or rubella happened during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Transposition

The Symptoms and Signs that are commonly seen in children who has this disorder are

  • There should be lack of oxygen content in the blood leading to the blue color appearance of the skin.
  • The should be born with clubbed toes and fingers.
  • Feeding should be poor.
  • The child should suffer from breathing difficulties.
  • There will not be heart murmur during child birth.

How to Diagnose ?

There are different ways to diagnose this defect.

  • This can be diagnosed before child birth by using Echocardiogram method.

After birth the diagnosis can be done using certain methods like

  • By taking the x-ray of chest.
  • By ECG.
  • By Cardiac Catheterization.
  • By checking the oxygen level in the blood using Pulse oximetry.

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